The Voice of the Leader : Tone, Embodiment and Authenticity with Silvia Nakkach

The Voice of the Leader
March 29th 2019
For the first time in France

Increase your capacity to create resonance and connection through your voice.

For the first time in France, The Voice of the Leader Founder Silvia Nakkach

Join one-day intensive with renown educator and master vocal artist, Silvia Nakkach – a Grammy award nominated composer, and founder of the Vox Mundi School of the Voice with centers across the USA, Brazil, Japan, and South Korea – This intensive is a unique opportunity to explore the profound relationship between voice, presence and leadership in an inspiring, systematic, and practical way. Recognizing the impact of your voice will enhance your ability to generate more sympathetic resonance and beneficial connections around you and in your professional life.

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UZAZU, Dynamic Embodiment Training with Dylan Newcomb

Dates to come

Learn simple, embodiment practices that quickly connect you more deeply to yourself and to others, and empower you to show up more fully in the flow of life.

For the first time in Europe in 6 years, UZAZU Founder Dylan Newcomb

This two-day intensive with Embodiment Trainer and UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment founder Dylan Newcomb is a unique opportunity to learn and experience a powerful and imminently ‘useful’ approach to embodiment.

Dynamic Embodiment is about de/re-conditioning yourself more fully available to respond—ease-fully, joyfully, and effectively—to the specific qualities of the present moment.

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The Power of Beneficent Intention
with Corky Quakenbush

The Power of Beneficent Intention
Master Class
Dates to come (2019)

Diffusing conflicts through embodying the power of beneficent intention.

We need to wrap our enemy in our heart” O. Sensei Ueshiba

Teaching method

This workshop is experiential and the learning happens directly through your body. This makes understanding immediate and the outcome spectacular.

Corky Quakenbush teachings use somatic intelligence (the experience of self through the unification of body and spirit).

Simple movements done in pairs allow you to feel what’s happening with you in conflict situations you encounter in your daily life.

These movements are inspired by the practice of Aikido, which anyone can do.

Role-play allows you to adapt the exercises to situations current in your daily life, particularly professional.

‘Who is this workshop for?’

The workshop is for everyone, particularly those who want to develop an embodied and respectful leadership and who count kindness as a guiding principle but know how much of a distance there can be between what we say and what we are.

It’s not necessary to practice Aikido, although those who do will gain complementary benefits, which will enrich and transform their practice.

Presentation text inspired by “The Power of Beneficent Intention for Conflict resolution” by Olivier Gourmet Copyright 2014-2015, Systeic sa The Focusing Center. All rights reserved.

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