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Facing ever-growing pressure managers and leaders urgently need to discover a new way to operate that reconciles both performance and well-being.

Inspiring leaders

More than ever, organizations need leaders who embody a meaningful vision, are inclusive, able to listen and act with clarity. Authentic leaders who allow others to show up as leaders as well.

Leaders trained by Presence & Leadership are recognized by their posture, their centered, open, stable and relaxed presence, their big picture thinking and their clarity of expression.

The Presence & Leadership practices help leaders gain:

  • increased resilience,
  • greater ease
  • more creativity
  • more influence and positive power

Embodiment: a new way to operate

  • At the Presence & Leadership Institute, leaders don’t just learn about leadership, they experience a new way of operating; they discover how their state of being impacts their performance; how to manage themselves and influence others using their body. They leave with simple practices they can use in their daily work life. Not only do leaders increase their ability to perform but they become more whole and grow as human beings.
  • The Presence & Leadership curriculum has been honed over 20 years in organizations of all sizes. We have brought together the best Embodiment principles and practices. Embodiment is validated by neurosciences and is founded on solidly proven traditions. Embodiment is the “human technology”, missing until now in most organizations.

Reconciling performance and well-being 

You want a sustainable performance culture. The Presence & Leadership approach is the link between performance and well-being. The Institute will give you the principles and practical tools to develop an engaging organizational culture that respects everyone’s individual identity and helps everyone be at their best. A culture that promotes a superior level of performance while respecting the base of our humanity – our body at work.

We provide training, coaching, consulting, workshops and conferences.


We provide solutions to help you:

  • Develop leaders who can inspire others
  • Reconcile performance and well-being
  • Grow leaders at all levels of the organization
  • Introduce the body at work in the organization
  • Develop Quality of Working Life (QWL)
  • Add vibrancy to existing leadership initiatives

Customised training

We develop embodied Leaders:

  • Board of Directors seminars
  • Management training
  • High-potential training
  • Team coaching
  • P&L modules integrated in your existing programs
  • Team building

Team building

We increase the level of authenticity and engagement in your seminars.
We help participants:

  • work in an optimal state
  • connect with one another deeply and authentically
  • be less in their own heads and more in the present
  • learn simple, concrete tools they can use back at the office

« It was fun and we really did experience something incredible. »Manager, Renault


We help you address your important themes and issues by involving leaders from “head to toe” in a workshop format.

No matter the theme: commitment, alignment, client relationships, leadership, innovation, audacity or QWL, we can translate it into a stimulating, somatic experience.

Workshop formats range from 30 minutes to 1.30 hours.

Interactive Conferences

We offer conferences on leadership, performance, well-being, the body at work, the team and organization…

  • Leadership Posture
  • Cultivating daily resilience
  • The body at work
  • Being embodied — what does it mean?
  • The keys to aligning performance and well-being

All our conferences offer structured theoretical inputs, as well as practical activities and exchange.

Somatic Coaching

We use embodiment in coaching to overcome classic obstacles such as “Yes, I know, I really must… But I don’t seem to be able to.” We coach on issues such as:

  • Recurring blocks
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Assertiveness
  • Work life balance

Leadership circles

Our Leadership Circles are an entirely different way of looking at training:

  • They deeply transform leaders with the lasting results
  • They are designed for small groups of 8 to 16 participants and take place over time.
  • Managers work on situations occurring in the business.
  • This original approach combines experiential learning, focused input and practical feedback.
  • Participants discover and learn to use P&L tools, collective intelligence and community learning.

Circles last for a minimum of 1 year. They help leaders integrate new ways of being in their daily lives. After the training, the circles become autonomous, providing leaders with support and restorative benefits.

Clients who trusted the Presence & Leadership Institute

“The work on presence and the body adds an innovative and powerful dimension to KPMG’s lead partner program. Cultivating a state that is centered, assertive and bright is key to a leadership that is both humane and inspiring.”

Marie Guillemot, Development Director – KPMG France, Member of the Board of Directors

“You want clear vision embodied in a leader who is centered and promotes collective intelligence? Then a short time at the Presence & Leadership Institute will not go amiss.”

Bertrand Devolvé, HR Development Director, Veolia

“A manager who demonstrates leadership is a manager who is aligned, in harmony with him or herself, mindful and self-aware enough to go after his vision while listening to his collaborators. Leadership embodiment gives you all this!”

Delphine Batton, Program Director, Community Challenges – Orange Campus

“I realized, during this course, that I did not have a body – I am a body; a fundamental difference that is essential when you lead a team. Pierre helped us to be mindful and centered ; these are fundamental qualities needed for leading a group, particularly when undergoing organizational change and transformation.”

Laurent Ledoux, CEO Equis, ex-Director of the Belgian Ministry of Transport

“Presence & Leadership training is atypical. We often talk about management posture, but here we understand what that really means physically. It’s completely new for most people.”

Bertrand Montagner, Human Resources Director, Omega Pharma

“The principles of Presence & Leadership significantly helped us gain power, clarity , authenticity and  integrity. In short – to be better leaders!”

Chris Peytier, Computer Engineer, Oracle Europe, ICF Coach, Author of “From Aikido to Systema

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