Manage stress with greater ease

Become stronger, more resilient ; learn to deal more easily with pressure and make a greater impact on others.

Obstacles are part of life, any relationship and any project. We can tell a leader by the way that he/she behaves in difficult situations.  At the Presence & Leadership Institute you will learn how to treat stress like a training partner, to know yourself and grow. Our training will help you cultivate openness, stability, relaxation and agility in relationships and actions.

Learn to manage your state of being

Everyone has their own automatic reaction to stress. Some of us double our efforts in the face of difficulty, exhausting ourselves, some get aggressive, others block things out or get confused and some of us give up.  Most habitual behaviors are driven by a search for control, security and appreciation.

Before, however, becoming visible behaviour, our first reaction to stress is physical. Neuromuscular tensions release hormones that inhibit access to the neo-cortex and stop our brain from functioning at its best. Our automatic physical reaction to stress is designed to launch our conditioned behavioral patterns.

The quicker we notice our first physical reactions, the quicker we can shift our state of being and regain our ability to choose a more appropriate response to the situation. By learning to shift our state of being in real time, we gain access to self-confidence, big picture thinking, intuition, creativity and the capacity for inclusive interaction.

A training laboratory

Presence & Leadership trainings are designed like a laboratory that may remind you of the Dojo in martial arts. Working in pairs, we simulate ordinary work situations through progressive exercises.  Everyone can examine their habits and limits before experimenting with wiser ways to respond to the situation.

The first stage is all about discovering your reactive patterns ; becoming aware of your unique signature stress pattern.

The second stage teaches you how to shift your state, in other words, how to recover and center yourself in real time. How to find your ‘flow’ in any situation.

Our programs teach you powerful ways to shift the quality of your presence so you can respond skillfully in the face of daily work challenges.  Our centering, shifting and realigning techniques involve posture, movement, muscle tone, relationship to space, intention and attention, in short, embodiment.