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Develop authentic leadership

Be yourself

Being fully yourself at work is not only a source of profound satisfaction but the key to achieving and sustaining powerful leadership. Operating from a state of being that is whole and aligned,in other words,embodied,is key to using your unique combination of talents in a lasting way. By hisor herexample,the authentic leader inspires others to behave likewise. But stayingtrue to yourself,especially in difficult situations, requires training.

Lead yourself

Leading others demands that we lead ourselves first. Self-leadership is about choosing to grow our potential beyondlimiting conditioningand learning how to operate from our best self to achieve meaningful goals.

3 core leadership capabilities:

Authentic leadership is based on 3 leadership capabilities that we teach in all our courses

  • Inclusivity: the ability to make others feel included.
  • Centered Listening: the ability to listento the wholewithout taking things personally
  • Speaking up: the ability to express your vision and what’s important with clarity and impact.